Snoop Dogg Has Some Interesting Thoughts On Death And The Afterlife

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Snoop Dogg lives a pretty flamboyant lifestyle but it turns out that he has more modest plans for his next life.

In an interview with Business Insider, Snoop opened up about his thoughts on death and the afterlife, and revealed that he wants to be a butterfly in his next life – a pimped up one, no doubt.

While he’ll supposedly be swooping around looking colourful and pretty, Snoop claimed he’ll be watching everyone arguing over his money, as he doesn’t actually plan to leave a will when he goes.

The particular issue is very topical right now given that the late Prince didn’t leave a will and his $300 million estate is currently being divided between his beneficiaries, but it doesn’t appear that Snoop has been phased by the furore over his fellow musician’s cash after his death.


Speaking to BI, Snoop said:

Hopefully, I’m a butterfly. I come back and fly around and look at all motherfuckers fighting over my money and shit, like, ‘Look at all these dumb motherfuckers.’ Ha!

I don’t give a fuck when I’m dead. What am I gonna give a fuck about? This going on while I’m gone, you know?

Given his penchant for marijuana, it isn’t a huge surprise that Snoop might be thinking a little more outside of the box of what’ll happen after he passes away.

We can’t help but wonder though, if he’s actually thought about the fact that he’d have to come back as a caterpillar before he can be a butterfly. And could you actually pimp a caterillar? So many questions…