Snoop Dogg Loved This Make-Up Artist’s Amazing Impression Of Him

Instagram/Jan Bonito

With Halloween almost upon us, it’s safe to say that our costume attempts won’t have anything on the skills of this guy!

Creative make-up artist Jan Bonito transformed himself into the hip-hop superstar last night and the man himself was so impressed, he shared the video with his 6.7 million followers.

To create the incredible likeness, Jan painted his skin darker and added some shading to create contours, before completing the look by adding a navy hoodie, some dance moves, and lighting up a cigarette which is definitely a cigarette and nothing more, guys.

@snoopdogg saw this and reposted!!!! Thank you very much to all who helped! ???

A video posted by Jan Bonito (@jkbonito) on

Anyway, Jan was understandably pretty bloody thrilled about his cool video being shared by Snoop Dogg and, so far, the Instagram post has amassed more than 90,000 likes since it was posted last night.

And the Filipino master of disguise hasn’t limited himself to famous musicians, having also transformed himself into various other celebrities and even stars from memes!

These are amazing! You can check out more of Jan’s awesome work on his Instagram page.