Soulja Boy Says He’s Made A $400M Deal But Nobody Knows Why


Back in 2007, Soulja Boy released his huge hit single, Crank That, but ever since then things seemed to have really quietened down for the once huge rap superstar. 

To be quite honest, I don’t even remember the last time I heard about Soulja Boy, never mind his music – but now he’s making headlines once again, after claiming over Twitter to have confirmed a $400 million (£272m) deal – although it’s not certain whether it’s the truth, or who or what the deal involves.

In a seemingly bizarre series of tweets, the 25-year-old rapper spoke first of his $400m deal early in the morning on Sunday, reports Yahoo.

He wrote:

Although nothing has been confirmed about the apparent deal at the time of writing, Soulja Boy’s random tweet and shout-out to Beyonce in the middle of the revelation has many suggesting that she could be behind it all.

Soulja Boy also took to Instagram to talk about the huge pact:

Originally from Atlanta, the rapper became a huge success following the release of Crank That (Soulja Boy) when he was just 17.

Soulja Boy has apparently made millions of dollars from merely ringtone sales alone and likely still receives a hell of a lot of publishing royalties from Crank That and some of his other hits too.

Just recently, Beyoncé used lyrics taken from Turn My Swag On, in a song on her most recent visual album, Lemonade.