Soulja Boy Tries To Threaten Ex’s New Boyfriend, F*cks Up Massively

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Remember Soulja Boy? That guy with the song about the thing?

Yeah that’s the one, the guy who recently claimed he’d signed a $400 million deal but it turned out he was just massively exaggerating. You’ll know who I mean, he has the musical talent of a particularly small stone and he writes his name on his glasses like a prat.

Counting all this money have my hands hurting ??? #YoungSavage

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Well he’s back, and apparently this time he’s been threatening his ex’s new boyfriend, according to TMZ.

Soulja reportedly made the threats in a video post on Friday, in which he waves around what appears to be a Glock and extended magazine while swearing a lot.

But in a rather bizarre twist, TMZ spoke to Soulja Boy’s ex Nia Riley (nah me neither) who told them that she’s actually single at the moment, and the person he’s threatening is just an internet troll pretending to be her boyfriend to piss Soulja off.

A representative for the rapper also claimed the gun was fake, but they would say that considering he’s currently on probation for a weapons charge.

Soulja’s already reached out to Nia to apologise as well, so there you go.