Stormzy Makes Guy Offer He Can’t Refuse After Ridiculous Lie To Mum


Creative types just need that little boost of credibility sometimes to prove their artistic ambitions aren’t completely unrealistic.

Like so many musicians before him, Teks Sinatra was having a tricky time convincing his mum to take his burgeoning rap career seriously.

In an industry where that first big break is everything, Teks knew a connection – true or otherwise – with a grime and hip hop household name would help his mum keep the faith.


Tweeting to his followers, Teks revealed the following humongous lie:

Told my mum I got a tune with Stormzy on the way. Lord forgive the lie, I just needed her to take my rap career seriously

Following up a few hours later:

You don’t really have a choice when your life’s a joke kinda thing

Teks received a mixture of responses to his porker, with some followers being amused by the ‘relatable’ nature of his lie, while others told him off for lying to his own mum.

After all, does he not know mums have eyes in the back of their heads?!

People started to tweet Teks’ dilemma to Stormzy himself, with the hope he could turn the dream into a reality.

One person tweeted, ‘get on Stormzy make his mum proud’, while another urged, ‘Don’t let his mum find out. Make a track with him!’

Amazingly, Stormzy was listening.


In a Twitter fairy tale ending, Stormzy made the following tweet:

Lool you know what fuck it send me suem gonna dm ya

Twitter erupted with praise for the kind-hearted grime musician, who has given the aspiring rapper that much needed chance to prove himself.

One person noted, ‘And it was at that moment stormzy shows why he’s so loved’. Another said, ‘Stormzy being humble what a g’.


As for Teks, he now has a very exciting opportunity ahead of him to show off his talent, and appears genuinely stunned by the incredible turn of events, tweeting:

Life comes at you fast init f*ckin ell

As Stormzy himself once said during a talk at Oxford University, according to NME:

It’s not always about convincing your parents of what you want to do, but just saying ‘This is what I’m doing, this is what I love’.

That’s always the attitude you should have about your dreams. Our parents don’t always know what’s right. It’s a new age.

It was at this very same talk Stormzy admitted his own mum would have rather him pursue an Oxbridge education than follow his grime ambitions.


Stormzy confessed to the student audience:

My mum gave me that trust. She sort of said ‘I’m not sure if I approve of it but I’m going to let you do it’.

I know it’s difficult to communicate your dreams to people, but I didn’t need to communicate my dreams to my mum.

Hopefully Teks’ mum won’t stay mad at him for too long now he’s rubbing shoulders with UK hip hop elite for real…

All fingers and toes crossed for you, Teks Sinatra!