Stormzy Played The Chase Against The Governess And It Went To A Tie Break


Award-winning Grime MC Stormzy proved that his general knowledge skills are as sharps as his Fire Booth Sessions with Charlie Sloth on 1Xtra when he rolled up to the Jonathan Ross Show this weekend

South London’s finest was joined on the sofa by The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh and it turns out that he’s an avid fan of the popular daytime quiz show.

The Gang Signs & Prayer MC even fancied himself to beat the Chasers at their own game. Sensing an opportunity for Stormzy to put his money where his mouth is, Jonathan Ross goaded him into challenging the toughest Chaser – The Governess.

Check out their epic Chase in the video below:

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Ross made sure to stir things up before the head-to-head by claiming that Stormzy would ‘merk her’ in a best of three general knowledge face off.

(For those of you unfamiliar with the phrase ‘merk’; it means to beat, or in some cases ‘off’ your opponent. For example: ‘Remember when Skepta merked Devilman on Lord Of The Mic’)


When Ross asked The Governess if she’s ever been ‘merked’ all she could say was:

Not that I’ll admit to.

Stormzy, who conceded he was nervous going up against the general knowledge ‘maestro’, kicked off the mind games by (jokingly) accusing her of ‘trying to at look my answers’.

He went onto tell her that:

I love you… but I’m gonna f****** merk you right now.

To his credit Stormzy held his own and against The Governess. Likewise kudos to the Governess for knowing what the term ‘creps’ meant – here’s a hint; it’s not pancakes.

Who knew The Governess was hot out here in these streets?

In the end it all boiled down to a tie breaker question where the two contestants were asked to guess ‘How many copies of Bradley Walsh’s debut album, Chasing Dreams, were sold in 2016?’.

To be fair to both competitors even I didn’t know Bradley Walsh had an album out, and I pride myself on having some sort of knowledge on music. It certainly didn’t come up on my iTunes recommended list.


But Stormzy showed that his muscial knowledge extends itself well beyond the realms of Grime when he got the answer right – or the figure closest to the actual figure with 275,000.

Turns out Walsh sold 111,650 copies of his debut album… let’s process this for a second 111,650 people paid to hear Bradley Walsh sing… what a world we live in eh?