Superfan Catches DJ’s Towel During Gig, Doesn’t Recognise Him In A Lift

by : UNILAD on : 19 Dec 2015 14:13

I’m sure for most super fans it’d be the literally the best thing ever to be stuck in a lift with your idol… that’s if you recognise them that is.

A confused fan was in the lift with DJ Wilkinson, who she’d watched at a gig earlier that night. Once he noticed that she was carrying a towel he’d used, he asked where she got it from.


Full of excitement, the girl blurted out: ‘It’s Wilkinson’s. He threw it at me!’ With literally no clue that she was chatting to him right then and there… awkward.

Writing on his Instagram, the DJ said: “When you DJ for an hour, throw your towel at them and they still don’t recognise you next to them in a lift.”


His post quickly gathered hundreds of likes from fans who thought it was, understandably, fucking hilarious. The girl in the video then commented on the clip: ‘I’m such a mug!’

Luckily, Wilkinson took the whole situation in his stride sparing the fans blushes and even gave her free tickets for his next show. Result!


Well, that could have ended a lot worse…

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