Taylor Swift Misspells Her Own Lyrics On New Merchandise

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 07 Jun 2019 18:16
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OK, so Taylor Swift probably didn’t hand-stitch all the t-shirts herself, but you’d think someone from her team would’ve spotted the mistake.

This is the earth-shattering news that Taylor Swift has made a rare mistake and is selling merchandise with a major typo on it.


It’s also doubly ironic because, in her latest single ME!, she declares ‘Spelling is fun!’ Which is kind of embarrassing if you then put a typo on your merch… or is it all a bit of innocent trolling from Swifty, and she’s actually in on the joke?

You see, some limited edition shirts Tay-Tay was flogging came with the mistake ‘Your’e the only one of you…’, which – as we all know – should be ‘you’re’, the conjugation of ‘you’ and ‘are’, not ‘your’, the possessive form of the second person pronoun, and definitely not ‘your’e’ which just doesn’t make sense.


If Taylor had swept her cautious eye over the design, I’m sure she would’ve spotted the error. After all, she is a former Garland Elementary Spelling Bee Champion.


Some fans, however, are wondering whether it’s all a game from Taylor, and the spelling mistake is actually a deliberate clue hinting at something else – new music? Secret performances?

It’s also worth noting (so I’m told), the typo isn’t on all the shirts sold during the limited edition release, which could also mean… something? But if you want to get your hands on one of these fetching garments, they’re all sold out unfortunately, as the Huffington Post informs me.


Not to worry though, I’m sure some pedantic fans will be selling their shirts shortly, in protest of the grammatical flaw in the design. On the other hand, they could become collector’s items, so may be worth keeping hold of.

Of course, Taylor isn’t the first person in pop to make a mistake, and won’t be the last. Earlier this year Ariana Grande shared her new, misspelt tattoo with the world. She played it off nicely though, just as Taylor will undoubtedly overcome this dilemma.


Taylor Swift Faces Lawsuit Over Hit Single Lyrics

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