The BMW Tupac Was Shot In Is Selling For An Insane Amount

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You can own a piece of hip-hop history for the exquisite price of $1.5 Million (£1.2 Million).


The BMW that rap legend Tupac Shakur was shot in, along with ex-Death Row Records CEO (and overall scary bastard) Suge Knight – who was driving the death machine, is being auctioned off.

It’s arguably one of the most (in)famous BMW’s in history, as seven days after the shooting Tupac died after being gunned down on the Las Vegas Strip after coming back from a Mike Tyson fight.

As Complex reports: 

The iconic, but bullet-riddled car has been restored, and a few chapters have been added to its storied past.


According to TMZ the car found it’s way to an auction house via the Vegas PD who impounded it then auctioned it off following the murder. Ownership of the BMW changed hands several times before finding its way to its most recent owner.

Even though it’s 20 years old and had multiple owners it’s still only clocked in 90,000 miles. California-based vehicle valuation and automotive research company, Kelley Blue Book estimates an identical car would go for about $2,578 (£2,077). But considering the notoriety of the passenger the asking price is significantly higher.

Who knows you might even find proof in a hidden glove compartment that confirms those theories about Tupac still being alive…

The rapper’s legacy continues to grow even 20 years after his untimely passing, a biopic on his life and death is set to be out in cinema’s on June 16, titled All Eyez On Me.

Check out the trailer below.

So if you have an extra $1.5 million to spare why not try your luck at owning a piece of infamous hip-hop history, if that sort of macabre thing is up your alley.

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    The BMW Tupac Was Shot In Is Up For Sale For $1.5 Million