The Killers Reveal We’ve All Been Singing Mr Brightside Wrong

by : Tim Horner on : 26 Oct 2017 10:39
The Killers/YouTube

Though it only hit number 10 on its release 13 years ago, Mr Brightside is still number one in our hearts after all those years, except it turns out we’ve been singing it wrong.

The anthem of student unions, pub crawls and festive fields, Mr Brightside has been around long enough to make even the our youngest readers feel old, and the world’s changed a lot in that space of time.


Instead of being glued to TV screens we’re all stuck to our phones, the UK is out of Europe, Trump rules America and while I was sat in my parents’ home in my pants playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on a PlayStation 2 when the song came out I now sit in a flatshare in my pants crying over the fact that I can’t afford to scrape together enough cash to buy a PS4.

All together now:

Coming out of my cage
And I’ve been doing just fine
Gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all


Yeah, no, forget that. Put it to the back of your memory along with cheap flights to sunny neighbouring countries and an economic system that doesn’t punish the 99%.

The Killers took to social media to break the news that we had it all wrong all along. About their song that is, not the dystopian novel we’ve found ourselves growing up in.

One, two, three, four:


Loads of people have been getting it wrong, so don’t get yourself in a tiz:


Of course, ‘Coming outta Nic Cage and I’ve been doing just fine’, oh how silly we all feel right now. How are we going to sleep at night after that?

As it happens quite well, because aside from appearing in some rather dodgy films since the mid-Noughties – Kick-Ass aside – it turns out Nicolas Cage as well as becoming a meme sensation in his own right, he’s inspired an entire line of bedding and lifestyle products.

Online marketplace Redbubble offer print services for on demand products based on user submitted artwork. And, oh boy, do they have a lot of Nicolas Cage products.

I’ll just leave my Christmas list here:


Let It Bees £85.25


Cage Head £60.00


Jurassic Cage £60.00


And if you don’t get the night sweats, they’ve got these goodies:

Cage T-shirt £22.00


Nicolas Cage Face Throw Pillow IV £15.53


Cage Is Love, Cage Is Life iPhone Case £19.45


And if whatever reason these goodies don’t turn up in my stocking on Christmas Day, I don’t mind, cos I’m Mr Brightside.

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