There’s Something Very Suspicious About Harry Styles’ New Song


New chart music is rarely created with even a smidgen of originality, but Harry Styles’ Sign Of The Times appears to have just taken parts of different classic songs and put them together, before layering some generic nostalgic lyrics on top.

The wonderful people at The Debrief not only noticed the similarities, but pointed out exactly which songs each part Styles’ track was heavily inspired by.

The title of the ex-One Directioners track makes you think he is going to give some insightful commentary on today’s society, but the lyrics are…abstract.

Have a listen and see what you think…

Harry has definitely kicked off his solo career differently to Zayn, opting for a much croakier, indie tone.

Whatever you think of the song, you can’t deny that the opening chords seem to echo that of Father John Misty’s Bored In The USA.

Skip to six seconds in and hear for yourself…

Then, the verse mirrors the tune of Davie Bowie’s Life On Mars.

The spacey electric guitar at 1.20 in Harry’s tune gives off serious Pink Floyd vibes

As the end builds to a crescendo, you can hear Prince’s Purple Rain coming through.

No doubt you’ll hear plenty of other well-loved tracks that have come together in an amalgamation to launch Harry Styles’ solo singing career.

Hopefully his future tracks are a bit more original.