This Hotline Bling Parody May Just Be The Cringiest Thing Ever


Hotline Bling has inspired a shit ton of memes and imitations since its release last year, but we like to think even Drake would agree that this latest parody has gone way too far.

Cops tried to impersonate the rappers dance moves in his now infamous music video and it may just burn out your eyeballs with it’s dangerously high cringe level.

bling web thumbrcmpgrcnsne/YouTube

These Canadian officers – from Nova Scotia – decided to promote a new road safety campaign with their own version of Drake’s song, with backing singers, dancers, auto-tuning- the lot.

It’s only forgiving feature is probably the fact that it did actually have reasonably good intentions, as they were trying to promote new rules which force drivers to give parked police cars more space when passing them.

But still, we generally can’t cope with this:


Please. Stop. At least they seriously give Drake a run for his money with their banging dance moves, but it’s fair to say they probably need to work more on their lyrics.

Here’s just one of the ‘inventive’ verses in all its glory: 

You just sped right past my cruiser. You just nearly hit my leg. You sped past my cruiser, shoulda changed your lane. Cause you know when these cop lights bling, that can only mean one thing.

giphy (1)rcmpgrcnsne/YouTube

Just, wow. Apparently the lyrics refer to a ‘move over’ law which was enforced back in 2010, but drivers seem to still be unaware of it. Doubt they will be now though.

Speaking to Canadian broadcasters, Cpl. Jennifer Clarke – who features in the video – said: 

Humour always gets people’s attention and we really wanted unorthodox, unique, a memorable way of getting the message out there. We’re always evolving in how we connect with our communities, and this music video is another unique way of getting our message to citizens.


What a time to be alive!