This Woman Tripping Balls At A Festival Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Watch All Day

by : UNILAD on : 20 Feb 2017 16:52

We want to know what the fuck she took.


Drugs can be a peculiar beast, it can take you to the highest of highs one minute, then sends you crashing back down the pit hole moments after.

That is unless you’re of the herbal variety, because all you get; is the giggles, the munchies and then sleep. Rinse and repeat.

But for any other substance, the moment you start tripping absolute balls is very interesting. Some trips are good, and then there are the occasions when it’s looking like a bad trip to Regretsville-just off of Paranoia BLVD.


Case-in-point the video above of this young free spirited lady, courtesy of Vital Events, who’s tripping her goddamn arse of at Wobbleland, which is a dubstep festival in Northern California.

We’re not sure what she took but dammit if she doesn’t look like she’s just entered into a fourth state of nirvana.

It’s made even better by the fact it’s been edited to an Enya backing track. We’ve been to many-a-raves and festivals in our lifetime, but we’ve never tripped out to Enya’s music – well not that we’re aware of anyway. Although judging by the video it’s looking like a very sweet prospect.

Also the way she’s looking at her hands reminds of this moment in The Simpsons.

For real though she’s looking at her hands like she’s just been gunged with some invisble plasma that’s only visible to her. It’s either that, or she thinks her hands have just turned into wriggly earthworms.

We don’t condone, nor do we encourage, the use of drugs so all we’ll say is this: ‘Everything in moderation… including moderation’.


Because you really don’t want to end up like this.

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