Truth Behind Soulja Boy’s ‘$400 Million’ Deal Has Been Revealed

by : UNILAD on : 25 May 2016 11:49
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Less than a month ago, the once huge hip hop star Soulja Boy went on a bizarre Twitter rampage spouting out something about confirming a $400 million (£272m) deal, but now it seems the wheel of fortuna has spun, and the truth has been revealed. 


Unfortunately for Soulja (not his legal name), that $400 million deal he was boasting like crazy about doesn’t really exist. Well, the deal does – it just isn’t a $400 million one or anything even close to that much for that matter, reports Forbes.

The reality is, Soulja Boy has merely signed a deal with the in-flight gaming company, World Poker Fund Holdings, who have given him 1.5 million shares in the company to promote them.

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Personally, I’d be over the moon to garner up 1.5 million shares in the company, which equates to around about $2.5 million, but it’s only fair to say that the $2.5 million (£1.7m) is a whole galaxy away from the likes of $400 million – a number that the World Poker Fund could physically not afford to pay out.


Apparently, the company is on a bit of a losing streak – waving goodbye to $400,000 (£273,000) last year – and being worth merely $53 (£36) million as a whole.

They’re certainly nothing to laugh at, but since the literally impossible $400 million deal was just a stupendous bat of Twitter boasting, it’s hysterical.

World Poker Fund Holdings spokesperson Matthew Bird told Forbes:

He really kind of jumped the gun. The deal is capped at $400 million, and it’s based on a forward-thinking valuation of the company. He’s young, he’s 25 years old. He got really excited, and he tweeted something he probably shouldn’t have tweeted. He was getting a lot of pressure from within the entertainment community, so he wanted to put a statement out.

In the original tweet, Soulja Boy said that he felt ‘low balled’ to be only getting $400 million; now he must feel incredibly low balled since the real figure is just a fraction of what he boasted.

Oh Soulja Boy.

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