Tupac Is Alive And Has ‘New Music Coming’, Suge Knight’s Son Says

by : Francesca Donovan on : 22 Jan 2019 12:30
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Another day, another dreamer claiming Tupac, one of the greatest rappers of our time (I.D.S.T), is still with us.


Now Marion Hugh ‘Suge’ Knight Jr., an American former record producer, music executive, and American football player, is officially an incarcerated felon, someone else has taken up his mantle of claiming the deceased rapper is, in fact, alive.

Now, his son’s at it.

The wild claim gets wilder though, as Suge Knight Jr Jr – who goes by Suge J Knight – has claimed he’s got ‘Pac in the studio making new material… From beyond the grave, unless you believe this tall tale.


In the twenty-two years since his death, the memory of American rapper Tupac Shakur has never faded throughout the music industry.

In fact, more of his music has been released since he died, aged just 25, than when he was alive, and the mythology of his music remains, along with the other greats.

However, some people have always maintained Tupac never died. Though many theories persist, a murder suspect has never been confirmed.

Enter: The conspiracy theorists determined to profiteer off the deceased rapper’s oeuvre and Suge Knight Jr posting on Instagram to claim he ‘got Pac back in the studio’ working on new tracks which are on the way.

Sure, it could mean he’s got his hands on unreleased material recorded before Pac died – but knowing the notorious Knight klan’s reputation for spinning a yarn, most people have interpreted the post literally.

Suge J Knight, who previously said Tupac is alive and living in Malaysia, has claimed he’s currently in the studio with the legendary rapper.


He’s not joking either. He even posted a shout out for producers to work on the mythical project.

The post, which you can see below, has 8,000 likes at time of writing:

Suge J included the hashtag ‘new death row’ but commentators and Pac fans aren’t here for his ‘clout chasing’.

One, going by the handle @subhanalikhan134 wrote, ‘Stop clout chasing u did this in October just leave his soul in peace man!!!!’

@b.r.a.n.y.o chimed in:

Yo u need to fuck off mentioning pac if he were to come back he wouldnt run to you he would link up wid the likes of eminem and fiddy cent them man were active in his time and still are now if you do know where he is why aint this guy come outta hiding? He is still a success to this day..he dont need you [sic]

Previously, a British conspiracy theorist claimed to be part of the team who helped Tupac fake his own death, and knows where the rapper is actually living – in Cuba.

Michael Nice has said he was part of a team of people who helped Tupac escape Las Vegas, and smuggled him to Cuba.


Nice believes the rapper is living on an island. It seems, even in death, all eyes are on Pac still.

Now, don’t get me wrong, new releases from Pac will never be a bad thing. But apparently, the music industry and a sub-section of his fans just won’t let sleeping rappers lie. RIP, Pac.

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