Viewers Spot Something Weird About Adele During Her Acceptance Speech


It was a big night for Adele who took home five Grammys last night but despite her incredible success people were left baffled by something weird during her acceptance speech.

Adele won every award she was nominated for, including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Pop Solo Performance and Record of the Year, but it was the singer’s thumb that distracted most people.


During her acceptance speech, where she claimed that Beyonce deserved to win Album of the Year, viewers couldn’t help but notice her long thumb that resembled a velociraptors claw more than a human hand.

The singer isn’t some dinosaur-human hybrid though, and it was in fact just the flex of her thumb being accentuated by her long acrylic nail which made it look like a claw rather than a hand.

People on Twitter couldn’t handle the claw…

As odd as it does look, it’s pretty obvious it’s just her nail though right?

Or maybe she is a dinosaur-human hybrid.