Watch Justin Bieber Make A Really Creepy Joke To Some 14-Year-Old Girls

by : UNILAD on : 10 Dec 2015 15:27

Justin Bieber’s been getting very creepy recently.

First he enlisted his fans to hunt down a girl whose photo he’d seen, asking his army of ‘Beliebers’ to locate her – which they did, before promptly unleashing their full insanity in her direction.


He also got his creep on at a recent gig in Toronto, when he made an inappropriate joke about his underage female fans.

According to The Sun the singer, 21, asked the crowd: “Who’s 13 in here? We got any 14-year-olds? So, 14, four more years and you’re 18.”

Bieber seemed to instantly regret his comment, possibly realising how creepy he sounded, and backtracked a bit, saying: “Too much, Justin”.

Unfortunately for him, the whole thing was caught on camera:



Yeah that doesn’t sound good, Justin, might want to chill out on the noncey comments in 2016…

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The Sun
  1. The Sun

    'Not long until you're 18'... Justin Bieber makes creepy joke about 14 year old fans