Watch Madonna Turn On Fans In Furious Onstage Rant

by : UNILAD on : 15 Dec 2015 12:33

An angry Madge hit back at the crowd when they complained about her taking to the Manchester Arena stage an hour late.

According to the Manchester Evening News the 57-year-old singer launched into an angry rant at fans who booed her after she was delayed coming on stage because of a problem with the video system in the arena. Doors at the 22,000-seater venue opened at 6.30pm, with the pop icon expected to begin her set at 9pm. However, the artist did not appear on stage until just after 10pm.


She explained her lateness during a foul-mouthed rant at the crowd saying: 

The video crashed. We had no video and we had to wait until we could reboot. I don’t like being late and all you bitches who keep complaining about it can shut the fuck up. No selfish diva bitch reason. If you diva bitches want to keep complaining about it don’t come to my show.

However that was not the end of the problems, the show was forced to end abruptly with no encore  due to the same technical hitch – leaving fans even more frustrated. According to the venue, the situation was ‘out of the artist’s control’ but you need to vent your frustrations at someone don’t you, and let’s face it, she gave as good as she got.


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