What Makes Electric Picnic Ireland’s Premier Music Festival?


When Ireland waved goodbye to its biggest music festival, Oxegen, in 2012 many anticipated a demise of the circuit or a dilution of other events as they tried to pick up the slack but despite these foreboding warnings the scene has gone from strength to strength with numerous boutique and niche festivals popping up every year. On a packed landscape though, one festival still remains head and shoulders above the rest, the Electric Picnic…..

The People


I’ve fistpumped and danced my way across some of Europe’s top festivals and met some clued up, funky crowds but nothing really compares to the crowd at Electric Picnic on full form…they’re discerning without being pretentious and boisterous without being rowdy. The people make Electric Picnic what it is…

The Forest Rave


Raving in the middle of a forest under fairy lights with a few thousand other lunatics, what’s not to love?? Even in the pelting Irish rain this is a sight to behold and an experience to remember. The forest is not only home to the Rave however, it also plays host to Trenchtown and Salty Dog so you’re not short of choice…

The Body & Soul


A festival within a festival, festival-ception arena, Body & Soul – now a festival in its own right – is a huge part of what makes the Picnic so special. You can get lost in there, check out some spine-tingling amazing music in an ethereal otherworldy setting like Alice tripping on yokes in Wonderland…

The Eclectic Lineups


Like its little sister festival, Body & Soul, Electric Picnic forgoes booking the most massive acts in favour of curating an interesting and exciting lineup – you won’t see Kaiser Chiefs playing for the 10th time just because they have a new mediocre album out – what you’ll get is a lineup that includes amazing international talent like LCD Soundsystem, live legends like New Order and amazing local talent like

The Cool Stages

salty-dogWe Love Town

Whether it’s the disco vibes of Casa Bacardi, the pirate blues of the Salty Dog or the stunning natural amphitheatre at Body & Soul, the stages at Electric Picnic all offer something different and interesting…

The Lake

twitterElectric Picnic

This year introduces for the first time a lake at Electric Picnic where punters will be allowed swim and frolic in the possibly sub-zero temperatures! But here if you’re going to give yourself hypothermia it might as well be with reckless abandon at a music festival! Enjoy!

The Grub


Modelling itself on festival landmark Glastonbury the Electric Picnic always seems to have the best choice of food of an Irish festival, not just burgers on dry bread for the fine people at EP, no. They’ll even let you have some sauce…I’m joking, the food is always pretty special. Just make sure you remember to eat, you’ll need fuel lest you want to wake up Saturday morning, a hungover rattling mess.