Wife Records Husband Snoring For Years, Remixes It With Despacito

Raúl Amador/YouTube

A wife has recorded her husband’s snores over the course of four years, before remixing the footage with Despacito.  

The result is as hilarious as it is catchy. The track, entitled Ronquidito – ft. Raul Amadar Marquez, was a joint effort between the mischievous woman and her nephew. (Rondiquito is the Spanish term for snore!).

The unnamed woman opens the clip with a sneaky smile and the following message:

I’ve been recording my husband’s snoring for four years.
After mixing it in a special way with my nephew, this came out.
Enjoy it!

The woman’s husband can apparently sleep anywhere, from the dinner table to a park bench and has a distinctively powerful snore which sounds a bit like a snort.

When set to the rhythm of this exuberant summer hit, it even begins to sound like a weird yet strangely fitting musical instrument…

Raúl Amador/YouTube

The Peruvian actress Daniela Camaiora quickly picked up on this inspired piece of remixing and shared it with fans on Facebook.

The views began to snowball and the clip has now even appeared on the front page of Reddit.

The internet has clearly gone wild for this funny couple, with the video being viewed almost 3 million times. Some have even argued that they prefer it to the original tune…

However, others have worried about the excessiveness of the husbands snoring, with some suggesting that he could be suffering from sleep apnoea.

You can watch the full priceless video for yourself below:

We love this daft couple.

Could this be the greatest Despacito remix of all time?