Woman Gets Random Voicemail From Snoop Dogg, Things Quickly Turn Heated

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A teacher from America received an accidental voicemail from Snoop Dogg, and while that may sound fucking amazing, things quickly turned heated between the two.


Rebecca Baldwin claims the musician called her by mistake and left a voice mail, saying Snoop was trying to reach his son and his number had one digit different to her own.

Taking to Quora, Baldwin recounted a story from about seven years ago – when having to remember numbers was still a problem.


She wrote: “One morning I woke up and saw a call from ‘unknown’. So I text back and said, ‘You called me? Not sure who this is…maybe a friend of one of my kids? Is everything okay?'”

According to The Mirror, Snoop Dogg told her the ‘call was a mistake’ in a message, and added: “Don’t text or call this number again!”

Not knowing she was talking to Snoop, she said: “You called me first!”

And that’s where it all kicked off. Baldwin said that Snoop Dogg phoned her and got a little heated. And that’s when she realised who it was.

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Baldwin said she had thought the caller sounded a lot like the 44-year-old, but only realised after they exchanged a tirade of abuse over the phone, before Snoop hung up.

If it sounds a bit iffy that the man Baldwin was speaking to was actually rap legend Snoop Dogg, it is. But what comes next might change your mind.

According to Baldwin, she then got a call from network provider AT&T.


She said the company told her: “This is VIP relations at AT&T and we understand you just had a conversation with an unknown caller who has reported you for harassment.”

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She apparently probed AT&T: “It was him, wasn’t it?” But the network provider could not confirm (nor deny) that it was actually Snoop.

Baldwin admitted that the thought of releasing his number did cross her mind, but being a decent human being, she didn’t share it.

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