Remember Chico? He’s Dancing To A Different Tune These Days


If you thought Chico time was over, you’d be wrong.

Kind of.

Remember the energetic chap from The X Factor eleven whole years ago – when life was simpler, the programme was still fresh and the formats didn’t make a nation want to stick pins in their eyes?

Chico put his X Factor success and his ensuing number one hit Chico Time down to his PMA: positive mental attitude, obviously.

After a misguided album release, an appearance on Dancing On Ice (replacing injured Chesney Hawkes), a charity football song, a stint as Aladdin in Bradford panto, and a catchphrase that has enjoyed shocking longevity, it looks as though Chico has hung up his clock… Flava Flav will be pleased.

The 44-year-old is now running Block Fit exercise masterclasses up and down the country.

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Block Fit follows ‘a mind, body and soul approach performed to easy-to-follow block choreography’, all to Chico’s own music naturally. The website happily invites you to join their #fitfam.

Apparently Chico has just bounced from one weird cult to another, like an excitable but slightly irritating puppy.