You Can Hear Beyoncé’s Nala In The Lion King’s New Teaser Trailer

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Jun 2019 09:32
You Can Hear Beyoncé's Nala In The Lion King's New Teaser TrailerYou Can Hear Beyoncé's Nala In The Lion King's New Teaser TrailerGetty/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

It’s going to be tough to beat the 1994 animated classic The Lion King, which was one of the most maginificent, affecting and powerful movies ever made by Disney.

From the soaring soundtrack to the loving, immersive detail of the Pride Lands, Simba’s orginal story was a staggering feat of animated fillmaking.


Many of us will have gained an appreciation for the animal kingdom parked in front of our own VHS copy, engrossed by the wise, impossibly deep voice of James Earl Jones. And those first few notes never fail to strike a chord.

Beyonce as Nala.Beyonce as Nala.Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

It’s a lot to live up to. And yet, the live action version has a force of nature which we could have only dreamt about in 1994: They have Beyoncé.

Bey will voice Simba’s best friend – and later wife – Nala, bringing the sort of queenliness this iconic and strong-minded lioness deserves.


And now we have finally heard Beyoncé lend her majestic vocal talents to Nala, and – although we only hear a few words – the sound of her saying ‘Simba’ will give you chills.

Check out the newly released clip – uploaded to Beyoncé’s official YouTube channel – below:

In this brief clip, Nala can be heard trying to persuade Simba to take up his rightful place as king of the Pride Lands, toppling Scar’s tyrannical rule.


This is an important moment in Simba’s journey, where he begins to reconnect with the life and sense of destiny he left behind while kicking back with Timon and Pumba in the jungle.

Although he has fully embraced the duo’s philosophy of ‘no worries’, Simba is clearly stricken by Nala’s description of his beloved Pride Lands left to waste and ruin.

In this latest clip, Nala can be heard to say:

Simba, you have to take your place. As king. We need you. Come home.

Beyonce gives voice to Nala.Beyonce gives voice to Nala.Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Fans have quite rightly been overwhelmed with joy at the sound of Queen Bey’s silky vocal chords bringing new life to this classic Disney character.

And they have taken to social media with all the enthusiasm of Pride Lands residents celebrating the birth of baby Simba himself.

One stunned person commented:


Beyoncé as Nala: “Simba-”

Me: dies.

Another wept:

The way she said simba touched my spirit. Can’t wait to see this!

In case for whatever reason you can still wait, watch the trailer and change your mind:

Am I emotionally resilient enough for the live action Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Absolutely not. Will I be there, crying and whisper-singing along? One hundred per cent.

The Lion King will hit US cinemas as of July 19, 2019.

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