Zayn Malik Opened Up About His Drug Habit In Interview


Roll over Adam Johnson, Zayn Malik is here with the biggest news of the day as he has revealed that he smokes the occasional couple of joints… Shocker.

In what is possibly the most unbearable news of recent times, Zayn has admitted that he likes to dabble with herb when in need of some desperate inspiration.

In this morning’s NMEthe magazine revealed the ex-Directioner smoked ‘at least four of these impeccably rolled little mind bombs’ just while they were interviewing him.

Cannabis buds and cigarette papersPA

Zayn expands on the matter, almost as if he is desperately trying to change his pre-teen heartthrob image, saying:

I’ve probably been smoking for a while. I don’t wanna say when I started because I don’t want to influence anyone else. That’s just something I do myself.

It helps sometimes with the creative process, if you’re smoking a good weed. Don’t panic, it’s organic.

Thank fuck it’s organic Zayn mate, for a second there I thought you’d gone full blown fucking mental…


Malik hasn’t shied away from the headlines in the past few weeks having pulled off a wide array of bizarre stunts like going into a Manchester chippy without revealing what he got to eat, and getting a fake face tattoo.

Zayn’s debut album, Mind of Mine, goes on sale tomorrow coinciding with the one year anniversary of his One Direction walkout.