Zayn Malik Reveals How Strictly One Direction Are Controlled By Label

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Apparently One Direction’s label have been taking people management advice from North Korea – according to one member the boy band ‘were told be happy’.

The revelations came from ex member of the group Zayn Malik, who managed to find time in between taking moody black and white selfies to give his first solo interview since departing the band in March.


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The 22-year-old told Fader: “I guess I just wanted to go home from the beginning. I was always thinking it. I just didn’t know when I was going to do it. Then, by the time I decided to go, it just felt right on that day.”

According to Malik, he became fed up by the lack of creative control they had over their music, saying the group had ‘no room to experiment creatively in the band.’


He added:

If I would sing a hook or a verse slightly R&B, or slightly myself, it would always be recorded 50 times until there was a straight version that was pop, generic as fuck.

I just wasn’t convinced with what we were selling. I wasn’t 100 per cent behind the music. It wasn’t me. It was music that was already given to us and we were told ‘This is what is going to sell to these people’. We were told to be happy about something that we weren’t happy about.

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Malik has now signed a solo contract with RCA Records, and has said he might team up with his ex-bandmate Liam Payne to record some new music together, The Independent reported.


Malik continued:

I’m working every day now but I’m working on music that I enjoy. Would you listen to One Direction, sat at a party with your girl? I wouldn’t. To me, that’s not an insult, that’s me as a 22-year-old man. As much as I was in that band, and I loved everything that we did, that’s not music that I would listen to.

I want to make music that I think is cool shit. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

To be fair, can’t really argue with that…

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