10-Year-Old Girl Helps Armless Man Eat Bread

Little girl helps man with no arms.Newsflare

Footage which shows a kind little girl helping a homeless, armless man eat bread has warmed hearts all across the world, setting a beautiful example for how we should treat others.

10-year-old primary school pupil Li Zao’er, who lives in Nanyang City, Henan Province, China, spotted the struggling man while on her way home from school.

Sat outside a shop, the man reportedly wanted to eat some bread he’d managed to buy but was experiencing difficulties on account of his disability.

Showing compassion beyond her young years, Li opened up the bag for the hungry man and held out the bread for him to eat.

The inspirational scene was captured by a woman who’d been picking up her child from Li’s school. Clearly touched by Li’s thoughtfulness, the parent shared the video on a chat group.

As reported by People’s Daily, Li told local publication Dahe Daily about her encounter with the armless man:

I saw a piece of bread beside the poor armless man, but he couldn’t open it by himself. So I helped him by opening the package and then fed him.

Li’s teacher, Shao Jianqiu, has spoken with pride about her pupil, who’s said to excel both in her academic work and in her kindness towards others. Shao has asked the rest of the class to take note of Li’s altruism.

Li’s father was also happy to hear about his daughter’s good deed. He described Li as having been born with a caring disposition; revealing how she sometimes helps out her elderly neighbours.

The video has since gone viral, with many people praising Li for her considerate nature.

One person spoke of how they’d been moved, while another said her actions had, ‘touched their heart!’

Hopefully Li’s story will encourage others to extend the hand of friendship to those less fortunate, and to look out for times when they can help.


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