110-Year-Old Woman Gives Zero F*cks In Very Awkward Interview

Untitled-1YouTube/Fox 28

When you reach the grand old age of 110 you’ve pretty much earned the right to be left in peace on your birthday, if that’s what you want.

Having lived through two World Wars, a prolonged Cold War that saw smaller wars in Korea and Vietnam nestled within it, as well as a couple of wars in the Middle East led by two different George Bushes, you’ve seen enough human misery to deserve a very quiet retirement – without some chirpy reporter grilling you on your top tips for a long life.

Unfortunately for Flossie Dickey, she had no such luck.

Flossie turned 110 on the 18th of February, and was in no mood to be harassed by peppy Good Day Spokane anchor Nichole Mischke, asking her what she likes to do – “Nap” – or whether she’s excited for her party – “Not one bit”.

I have to admire the zero fucks that Flossie gives about appearing on morning television. All she wants to do is let loose with a bottle of whisky, maybe tuck into a delicious piece of pie, then top it off with a nap.

Flossie Dickey, I salute you!