14-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Electrocuted By iPhone Cable In Sleep


A teenager has tragically died after being electrocuted in her sleep when she rolled onto her iPhone charging cable.

Le Thi Xoan was found unconscious by her parents and rushed to hospital where she was later pronounced dead, with electrocution being the official cause.

Police in Hanoi, Vietnam, found a burnt white cable on her bed and said a tear in the rubber casing may have caused the incident.


It’s thought she plugged her phone in and rested it on her bed – as she did every night – according to investigators.

It’s currently not known whether the cable which electrocuted her is an official product or an unofficial one.

The image of the cable shows it’s seemingly smaller than the 0.5 metre cable which is a staple with Apple products.


There are also visible tears in the cable which have been patched up, which could be where the live wires touched the young girl?

In April, we reported on a man who almost lost his life after being electrocuted while charging his iPhone.

Wiley Day had his phone on charge by his bed while he slept, when the 32-year-old’s chain slipped between the metal prongs of the charger.


Hundreds of volts of electricity caused him to jump out of bed, with the flesh on his neck burned away.

He told WAAY-TV at the time:

My necklace became a conductor. It was the worst alarm clock you could ever have in life.

He was quickly rushed to hospital where he was treated for second and third degree burns at the University of Alabama’s Trauma Burn Intensive Care Unit.

Wiley Day

In America, charger extension cords are at the root of over 4,000 fires and dozens of deaths every year, according to the American Burn Association.

Our thoughts are with her friends and family in this difficult time.