14-Year-Old YouTube Sensation Declared Brain Dead After Being Shot In Head

Isabelly Cristine Santos/Facebook

A teenage YouTube star has been declared ‘brain dead’ after she was shot in the head in Brazil, according to reports.

Isabelly Cristine Santos was reportedly caught up in a road rage incident in Brazil when an argument broke out between the driver of the car she was travelling in and another motorist.

The fourteen-year-old received a gunshot wound to the head while she was travelling on a motorway between the beach towns of Ipanema and Praia de Leste in the southern Brazilian state of Parana.

The popular YouTuber was taken to the Regional do Litoral Hospital in nearby Paranagua, with Neurologist Marcelo Sader saying the teenager’s state was ‘serious, very serious’.

Santos’ mother posted on social media:

The doctor just said that she (Isabelly) is brain dead.

Santos’ YouTube channel Isa Top Show has more than 48,000 subscribers.

Isabelly Cristine Santos/Facebook

According to Mail Online, Brazilian military police say they arrested two suspects at their homes. A firearm was seized from the house.

Lieutenant Colonel Rui Barroso told reporters:

Neither of the two suspects has a criminal history. The firearm was legally registered. The offender confessed.

It’s still unclear as to whether the suspects have been charged – Santos is thought to have been the only one injured in the incident.

Here’s the local media report:

There is no information regarding who was driving the car she was in or what sparked the alleged row.

So sad.