15-Year-Old Shoots Herself In The Head Playing Russian Roulette


A 15-year-girl has tragically died after shooting herself in the head playing Russian roulette with a revolver she has stolen from her uncle.

Ana Julia Clemente was playing with her 14-year-old friend in Santa Catarina, Brazil, when she started playing a ‘game that went fatally wrong’.

The teenager held the gun to her own head and pulled the trigger twice, which were both blanks, but then she tested her luck and her third shot killed her.


Police chief Rafael lasco said:

The dead girl was found lying on the ground with the gun close to her chest.

The other teenager was not harmed and the results of the forensic test are yet to be seen.

Russian Roulette is a risky game which was dramatised in the 1978 film The Deer Hunter and kills a handful of people every year.