1,600 Police Officers Have Been Arrested For Criminal Offences In Last Five Years


One police officer is arrested every day in the UK on suspicion of criminal activity, according to new data released by 43 police forces across England and Wales.

A total of 1,629 police officers were arrested in the last five years for criminal offences including rape, sexual offences, assault, grievous bodily harm, manslaughter, drug trafficking, fraud, and traffic offences.

500 of those were convicted of offences or suspended from active duty on suspicion of committing offences.


Speaking to the Sunday Times, Jacqui Cheer of the National Police Chiefs’ Council said:

If an officer is suspected of criminal activity, we act quickly to investigate as we want to ensure the service maintains the highest standards of integrity and conduct. The code of ethics is now well embedded across the service. When members of the service fall short of these standards, well-established and rigorous processes are in place to ensure appropriate action is taken.

Figures show London’s Metropolitan Police Service has the highest number of police arrests in the country, with 781 of its officers taken into custody and 146 convicted or cautioned.


Meanwhile, 43 out of 3,000 Lancashire police officers were found to have been convicted or cautioned.

The report also revealed that, in 2012, 50 police officers were arrested as part of a national crackdown on suspected paedophiles in the force. The College of Policing was reportedly meant to publish these statistics on police conduct at the time, but failed to do so.