Tragic Final Moment Before Girl Was Pushed Off Cliff By Ex Boyfriend

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Clay County Jail

Loren Bunner posted haunting last photographs of Jolee Callan on his Instagram account, moments before he shot her twice in the head and pushed her off a cliff.


During his trial in July, Bunner changed his ‘not guilty’ plea to ‘guilty’ for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and was sentenced to 52 years in jail.

In tragic, final photographs, posted on August 30, 2015, the day of the murder, Jolee is seen looking over at a forest along the Pinhoti Trail of Cheaha State Park.

Bunner’s story at the time of the murder was that he and Jolee had a suicide pact and said they were going to jump off the cliff together, but when they got there, neither could go through with it.


So, Bunner cold-heartedly shot Jolee in the back of the head so she ‘wouldn’t see it coming’.

But, according to Clay County Web, that was proven false after an autopsy proved Jolee had been shot not only once in the back of the head, but at point-blank between the eyes, before Bunner threw her body off the cliff.

After the murder, Bunner left the scene and called 911, confessing to the murder shortly afterwards.

During the trial, the court heard Bunner’s 911 recording, which was entered in as state’s evidence.

This is what he said:

I want to turn myself in for the murder of my ex-girlfriend, Jolee Callan that happened just a little while ago on Cheaha Mountain.


The District Attorney, upon sentencing Bunner, said:

There are three cases of homicidal violence in this case.

First, he lured her to the mountains for a symbolic hike, and then he shoots her in the back of the head while she’s looking at the view.

Then, he flips her over and shoots her point-blank between the eyes, I think, because he wanted to look at her in the eyes, if she was still alive.

Then, he drags her body to the edge of the cliff and throws her 40 feet off the cliff. Not to mention, two days before the murder, he tried to take Jolee’s new boyfriend out by soliciting a friend to kill him.

Jolee’s father, Michael, described his daughter as a ‘great kid, who never got into any trouble’.

According to Clay County Web, he said:

I never had to spank her. Everyone who knew Jolee liked her. She had lots of friends and dearly loved animals. We had a great father/daughter relationship.

[Bunner] played video games a lot, was quiet and kind of controlling. They pretty much did whatever he wanted to do. He said he got the same texts and had the same conversations that Davidson talked about.

She would tell me about him threatening suicide all the time, and I tried to tell her just to move on. But everyone who knew Jolee knew that if they were in trouble and needed a friend, she would be the first one there, and he knew if he called her and threatened to take his life, she would be there, and she was. She was always helping others.

My Mom and Dad’s house burned two weeks after Jolee’s death. I lost my Dad a little later, due to a stroke. I firmly believe that if Jolee hadn’t been killed, my Dad would still be here today. It’s just taken a toll on the whole family. Everyone loved her.

So sad.

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