18-Year-Old’s Reason For Selling Her Virginity Divides Opinion

by : UNILAD on : 05 Sep 2017 10:55

An 18-year-old Ukrainian girl has offered to sell her virginity because she is in urgent need of £1,500.


The teen, known only as Yulia, placed her advertisement in the local newspaper in Melitopol, south east Ukraine.

Titled, simply, ‘Virginity for Sale’, it appears alongside ads for alarm clocks and antiques, reports The Daily Mail.

Wikimedia/ Олег Довгаль

She explains in the ad:


Sooner or later I will have to say goodbye to it. So it is better to do it this way than at some drunken party.

It is unclear why she needs the money, and she claims that is private.

She is only looking for a ‘serious man’, whom she will vet by video chat to make sure they are not dangerous.


She also told journalists she would undertake a medical examination to prove she was still a virgin.

She is not looking for a bidding war, and will say yes to the first ‘real man’.

The ad reads:

Lovely girl, 18 years old, a student. Will give my virginity to a serious man who offers me financial assistance of 50,000 hryvnia (£1,500).
The meeting will take place in Melitopol only at a place of my choice.

Wikipedia/ Струнин В.С.

In order to make sure the ‘winner’ is suitable, a male friend will accompany her to the meeting to get the money and to see the man.

If Yulia does not call the male friend within one hour, then he is to call the police.

The post has caused controversy, and it’s understandable, the instinctive reaction to an advert like this is not exactly positive.

Wikimedia/ dgakob

It’s sad she is in such a desperate situation to do this, but at least she’s taking charge.

She’s kind of right it’s better than making some drunken mistake, and as long as she’s safe then she can do whatever she wants, but it’s a sad world when virginities are being sold out of desperation for cash.

The newspaper which ran the ad, Torbinka, said it was the first time they had ran an ad selling a virginity.

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