19 People Confirmed Dead In Manchester Arena Explosion


Police have confirmed that 19 people have died and a further 50 have been injured following tonight’s explosion at the Manchester Arena.

People reported hearing a ‘huge explosion’ as Ariana Grande fans began to leave the venue after the concert had ended.

Witnesses and police have reported that the explosion occurred in the foyer area of the arena however the arena say the incident took place outside the venue in a public space.with a number of people posting video from the incident to social media.

UNILAD spoke to a number of people who were there at the time of the reported explosion.

Sebastian Diaz, 19, said:

Just finished and about to leave into the foyer and there was a massive bang, people stood still and panicked.

We were going to go back but we got trapped and sprinted out. People didn’t know where to go and loads of young girls were crying.

Toby Main, 20, added:

We were walking out and there was a big explosion and next thing everyone was running and no one knows what it was.

There were kids crying everywhere.


Adam McKay, 25, described the chaos that followed the loud bang:

There were people covered in blood.

There was a little girl by herself and I helped find her parents. Really bad sights. Just didn’t expect it.