1lb Baby Given 50 Per Cent Chance Of Survival Returns Home After 100-Day Fight In Hospital

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Sep 2019 17:49
1lb Baby Given 50 Per Cent Chance Of Survival Returns Home After 100-Day Fight In Hospital1lb Baby Given 50 Per Cent Chance Of Survival Returns Home After 100-Day Fight In HospitalFighting Finn/Facebook

A tiny baby who weighed just 1lb 2oz at the time of his birth has defied the odds and gone home with his family after spending 113 days in a neonatal intensive care unit.


Newborn Finn James Hill, from Florida, was given just a 50 per cent survival upon his birth at just at 24 weeks. However, following a series of challenges, he is now said to be ‘thriving’ at home with his loving parents.

Finn has since been given the nickname ‘Fighting Finn’ on account of his courage and tenacity in the face of terrifying obstacles.

Tiny Finn was born via an emergency cesarean section on May 21, according to Good Morning America. His original due date had been September 6.


Even before his premature birth, Finn’s parents Jessica and Chris Hill had faced immense heartache while trying to start their family.

After struggling with fertility issues for nine years, Jessica and Chris adopted eight embryos from a couple they met through Facebook. Following an unsuccessful embryo pregnancy, Jessica fell pregnant with twins.

Sadly, the couple lost Baby B at 10 weeks. Baby A – Finn – survived, however there was further pain to come when Jessica’s water broke at 24 weeks. The couple were told their baby would be safer outside the womb, and so Finn was delivered; his birth marking the beginning of a new and difficult journey.

Premature Baby 1lbPremature Baby 1lbFighting Finn/Facebook

Finn was transferred to Nemours’ level 4 NICU from Lakeland Regional Medical Center on June 6.

In the following months, Finn relied on a ventilator to stay alive and endured numerous surgeries. One procedure repaired a hole in his heart while another corrected his necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) an illness which affects a premature baby’s intestines.

Following Finn’s heart operation, his lung function improved and – by June 30 – Jessica and Chris were finally able to hold their baby son.

Now four months old, Finn weighs 5lbs 5oz and is said to be ‘loving life at home’; bringing immeasurable happiness to the lives of Jessica and Chris.


His remarkable journey followed by thousands of well-wishers via his Facebook page – Fighting Finn – who have been left overjoyed at the sight of the brave little boy at home at last.

Proud mum Jessica told UNILAD: how little Finn is ‘such a good baby’, who gives ‘the best snuggles’:

He had a hard time eating and we had to change a few things around, but we figured it out and he won’t need to be re-admitted.

We have a picky eater on our hands [Laughs]. Our little fighter is now thriving and gives the best snuggles. He is such a good baby, and sleeps well.

She continued:

It’s hard to put him down honestly… after being so afraid he wasn’t going to survive it’s hard to let go of him.

He is the missing piece to our family and the joy of every day! He truly is the best gift we have ever received.

Premature Baby 1lbPremature Baby 1lbFighting Finn/Facebook

Many congratulations to Finn and his lovely parents on this long awaited homecoming.

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