20 Minutes Of Scrapped Star Wars Game ‘First Assault’ Appears Online


Footage has surfaced of a scrapped 2012 Xbox 360 Star Wars game called Star Wars: First Assault. It was apparently intended to be a precursor to the similarly unmade Star Wars Battlefront 3.

The footage posted on Reddit is a technical beta test of the game, which was to be a fast-paced first person shooter, in the same vein as games like Call of Duty.

An overview of a Tatooine based map is provided, with the character – presumably a Stormtrooper – showcasing some of the game’s weapons and abilities. The uploader states that they “couldn’t spawn bots or add another player” into the game.


First Assault has been known about for some time and was set to be a digital only exclusive to Xbox Live. It was reportedly scrapped when Disney took over LucasFilm and LucasArts, despite being desperately close to shipping.

The game was “step zero” towards an eventual Star Wars Battlefront III, with another game titled Wingman apparently also being planned. While not much is known about Wingman, it’s theorized that it would have been built around aerial and space dogfights.

After declaring a media blackout on First Assault, Disney eventually decided to partner with EA on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, releasing November 17.