2000 Redheads Attend A ‘Ginger Convention’ To Celebrate Everything Orange

by : UNILAD on : 23 Aug 2015 19:37


Loads of gingers have met up at a convention in Ireland to celebrate being a redhead.


The village of Crosshaven in County Cork hosted the event, with around 2000 gingers in attendance.

The new ‘Redhead King and Queen’ were crowned, with Alan Reidy and Grainne Keena taking the honours.

Joleen Cronin started the annual celebration six years ago with her brother Denis.

She said:


It started six years ago we were thinking of novel ways to celebrate my brother’s birthday.

This thought of having a party and only inviting people with red hair got tossed around and we thought let’s keep this going.

We made it very fun and friendly and very open for families.

It’s amazing to be surrounded by so many redheads again. You’re walking around the village and half the people here have red hair – it’s off the scale!


They even had ‘carrot tossing’ as an event, alongside ‘freckle counting’. It really doesn’t get much more ginger than that.

I’m very partial to a redhead, so maybe next year I’ll put a wig on and go check it out.


I wonder if this guy went along…

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