2005 Mark Zuckerberg Interview Shows Incredible Evolution Of Facebook


A fascinating interview given by Mark Zuckerberg back in 2005 has resurfaced online and it’s fair to say he never saw what was coming.

For starters, both Zuckerberg and the interviewer still refer to the emerging social media site as ‘The Facebook’ – they didn’t drop the ‘The’ until August 2005 – which just sounds plain wrong nowadays.


In the interview, a fresh faced Zuckerberg discusses the ‘Facebook online directory’ and how you can use it to look up your class mates and find all the information you want to know about a particular person – does that sound a little bit stalky?

In fairness though, it’s actually pretty cool to see who is now one of the world’s most successful men just chilling in shorts and t-shirt – and it’s amazing to think that just two years on from when this interview was filmed Facebook would explode all over the globe.

And on top of that, ten years down the line Facebook is at the very heart of an enormous social media boom that pays an enormous part in well over a billion lives across the globe.


At one point Zuckerberg says:

The goal wasn’t to make an online community but sort of like a mirror for the real community that existed in real life.

It’s not somewhere you go to meet but where you go to see who knows each other, maybe like an ice-breaker.

I guess it shows how far Facebook has evolved from its original concept, if only he knew.