24-Year-Old Man Allegedly Punched An Elderly Gentleman Over Nutella

by : UNILAD on : 23 Sep 2015 19:09

Look, we all love a bit of Nutella but this guy took his craving for a chocolatey snack way too far when he reportedly punched a pensioner in the face to stop him reaching for the food.

Things got totally out of hand when 78-year-old Sahak Sahakian confronted 24-year-old Derrick Gharabighi about taking too many Nutella waffle samples from a table in a California Costco on Sunday.


Apparently so offended that the elderly gentleman wanted a sample of Nutella for himself, Gharabighi allegedly punched the man in the eye.

Sahak Sahakian

Speaking to CBS Los Angeles, Sahakian said:

He takes two, three of them, left one. I want to take that one, and he catches my hand. I say, ‘What are you doing? Let me eat this one.’ He hit me, and the blood started.


The senior citizen was treated at a local hospital for facial swelling and a one-inch cut above his left eye.

Police, understating things somewhat, added:

It’s a shame that it had to come to this over a Nutella sample.

Derrick Gharabighi


Gharabighi reportedly has a previous criminal record after multiple arrests for drugs, theft and abuse.

On Tuesday, the district attorney’s office confirmed Gharabighi was charged with “one count of elder abuse with the special allegation that he personally inflicted great bodily injury on someone who is more than 70 years old.” If convicted, he faces 11 years behind bars.

Was all that Nutella worth it, Derrick? Was it?

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