30 Minutes Of Creepy, Terrifying Layers Of Fear Gameplay


If you’ve been on the fence over whether or not to buy indie horror flick Layers of Fear, then check out the opening 30 minutes of the game to help make up your mind.

Made by Polish devs Bloober Team, Layers of Fear released on Tuesday 16 with reviews touting it as a great romp through the mind of a struggling schizophrenic artist. If that can ever be called a romp.


Our own review looked pretty favourably on the game, and we can confirm that it’s slow, suspenseful pacing help build a serious case of the willies in the player. Check out the video below for the opening half hour of the game – you can even pause it if the suspense gets too much. No excuses, then.

You can pick up Layers of Fear for yourself on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One right now.