36k People To ‘Cry And Eat Bread Alone On New Year’s Eve’

Crying and Eating Bread By Yourself on the Floor/Facebook

Got plans for New Year’s Eve yet? Why not stay home on your own, cry, and eat bread?

One student at the McMaster University, Ontario, thought it would be funny to create an event on Facebook to ring in 2016, with the loneliest name imaginable.

So Sam Foran opted to go with ‘Crying and Eating Bread by Yourself on the Floor’, but it looks as though the night will be far from lonely.

36k people have already RSVP’d to say they will be in attendance, and 38k more are interested in the bring your own bread event.

Sam Foran/Facebook

Sam described the night as thus on its Facebook page:

I like crying. I like eating bread. I like being by myself. I like lying on the floor. I thought I would combine all four into one epic night of self pity and regret.
Tissues and light refreshments will be provided (see note).

note: refreshments will not include bread. The event is BYOB: Bring Your Own Bread (see note ii)

note ii: bread cannot be gluten free. Bagels are accepted.”

What is interesting, however, is that Sam did not invite a single person. It is believed that a change to the social networking site’s algorithms allowed for more and more people to find the event, and respond in droves.

Credit to Sam, after noticing the increased exposure online he decided to make his idea a charity event in the name of Action Against Hunger.

Considering how much a night out costs at new year, scaling back and giving some of that cash to charity is not a bad idea at all. You could feed those in need and spare your liver one shot too many.