£41,000 Of Cocaine Found In ‘Zombie Plane Passenger’s’ Stomach


The 24-year-old man who we reported became violent, bit another passenger then died on an Aer Lingus flight had a huge quantity of drugs in his stomach, investigators have found.

Brazillian-born John Kennedy Santos Gurjao reportedly bit another passenger before suffering a violent seizure and dying on Flight EI 485 from Lisbon to Dublin. A whopping 2lbs of cocaine in 80 pellets were found in his abdomen – an amount thought to be worth around £41,000.


He was travelling with an unnamed Portuguese woman in her 40s, who is being questioned on suspicion of drug trafficking. Reports suggest that 4lbs of amphetamine were found in the woman’s hand luggage.

The plane made an emergency landing at Cork airport and the man began to shake violently and convulse as stewards were forced to restrain him.

John Leonard was on the flight and told radio station 96FM:

The guy had to be restrained [and] after that, it got worse. He was on the ground shaking violently. The noise he was making was something I’ve never heard before. It was like a deep anguish… very, very troubled, very guttural, from deep within him.

Daragh Mc Sweeney/ Provision

Following Mr Gurjao’s post mortem, doctors have concluded that he ingested around 0.8lbs of cocaine shortly before he died.