5-Year-Old Girl Left On Speeding Motorbike After Parents Flung Off

by : Emily Brown on : 22 Aug 2018 15:32
5 year old clings to motorbike after parents are thrown off5 year old clings to motorbike after parents are thrown offSWNS

Roads in India have a reputation for being somewhat chaotic, and one shocking moment saw a five-year-old girl left riding a speeding motorbike after her parents were thrown from the vehicle. 


The young girl was on the bike with both her mother and father on Tumakuru-Bengaluru Highway in India when they crashed into another motorbike at the side of the road.

Both adults were thrown from the bike, but it kept travelling down the busy road with the 5-year-old on its seat.

Watch the shocking footage here:


Fast paced and ever-moving traffic goes hand in hand with road accidents, and according to the Times of India, 146,377 people were killed on the road in India last year.

The high amount of deaths on the road is almost comprehendible when videos like this emerge, showing people making rash and unsafe decisions on the road.

As seen in this video, whole families can sometimes be seen squeezing themselves onto small mopeds and bikes, which in itself is a dangerous choice to make.

Girl clings to motorbike after parents are flung offGirl clings to motorbike after parents are flung offSWNS

The footage, which was caught on a dashcam, showed the family impatiently trying to overtake other vehicles on the multi-lane carriageway in Karnataka when they rammed into the back of the other bike.

The parents could be seen rolling across the ground after they were flung from the bike, but somehow the child stayed on, clinging to the fuel tank.

Terrifyingly, the motorbike carried the little girl 200 metres along the highway, narrowly missing a large truck as the bike careered across the three lanes of road.

The vehicle eventually came to a stop when it fell on to a patch of grass, the child thankfully landing safely on the softer ground.


According to the Times of India, a witness to the events said:

The biker was headed towards Bengaluru from Nelamangala. He tried to overtake vehicles from the left, resulting in the accident. Luckily, no one sustained major injuries.

People abandoned their cars on the road and rushed to the child’s aid, picking her up from the bushes were she had fallen.

An ambulance was called to the scene and traffic police were alerted to the crash.

Girl clings to motorbike after parents flung offGirl clings to motorbike after parents flung offSWNS

The person who had been crashed into was admitted to Nelamangala Government Hospital after sustaining several head injuries from the collision.

The mother was also admitted to hospital with minor bruises on her forehead.

The man driving the motorbike, the girl’s father, fled from the scene.

Speaking about the man, Nelamangala Traffic Police Inspector Ramesh G R said:


The biker was riding rashly and that too without a helmet and fled from the scene after the accident.

A case of rash and negligent riding has been registered against the biker. [sic]

The young girl was very lucky to have avoided a crash with any of the other vehicles on the road. I think the only bikes she should be riding at 5 years old are small plastic ones with three wheels.


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