50 Cent Apologises For Mocking Autistic Guy On Twitter

TV-50 Cent

50 Cent has now apologised for making fun of an airport worker with mild autism and social anxiety on Twitter.

The rapper came in for some serious criticism after he posted a video of himself on Twitter stalking and mocking Andrew Farrell for apparently being high during his shift, reports Sky News.

He later deleted the footage after an online backlash, started when Instagram user, Rusty Stone – who claims she went to school with Farrell – posted a screenshot of the video, calling out 50 Cent for mocking him.

In the video, the rapper can he heard ridiculing Mr Farrell as he follows him through the airport, saying:

Look at him. What kind of shit do you think he took before he got to work today?

He high as a motherfucker right here in the airport. The new generation is crazy.

Farrell’s father, Ken, told WKRC the footage was ‘painful to watch’ and felt like a ‘slap in the face’ while his mother, Amanda, demanded an apology from the star.

She told the TV station: 

Andrew didn’t know who he was right away and he ignored him and did his job and went about his business.

I think he was mad and offended that someone didn’t flock to him.


50 Cent told the NY Post in a statement:

While the incident at the airport resulted from an unfortunate misunderstanding, I am truly sorry for offending the young man.

It was certainly not my intent to insult him or the disability community, which is a source of great strength in America. I have apologised personally to him and his family.

At least he had the decency to apologise…