50 Videogame Songs Blitzed In Incredible 2 Minute Guitar Medley


YouTube guitarist FamilyJules7X is my favourite person on the internet today, thanks entirely to his incredible two minute medley of 50 classic videogame songs. 

Metal covers of videogame songs are nothing new (although he does them well), but a seamless blend of 50 rapid fire hits all played with impeccable skill really is something special.

Fun game: Don’t watch the video the first time around. Just listen, and see how many of the 50 songs you can pick out. It goes pretty fast, so trying to get them all first time would no doubt lead to madness.

If you’re a guitarist and fancy giving it a go yourself, FamilyJules7x shared the MP3, tab, and backing track, which you can find right here.

For anyone who doesn’t have the fingers of fire required to play such a medley, why not check out some of FamilyJules7x’s other videogame related jams?

He’s a man who likes his medleys – personal favourites include his 10 battle theme medley, and his miniboss medley.

Oh, he also put together an extensive 17 minute musical tribute to the history of videogames. That’s well worth a look if you have the time, so I’ll leave that just below.

Meanwhile, I’ll be re-watching his 50 song medley until I can work out from ear alone which song is which – who knew how seamlessly the Zelda theme could merge with Battlefield 1942? Mind blown.