54 Severed Human Hands Found In Bag By Police


A sealed bag filled with 54 severed human hands has been discovered in Russia by a rather surprised local man.

I don’t know about you but the last thing I would expect to get out of the water at a popular fishing spot would be a bag full of severed human hands.

But that is exactly what one local fished out from beneath the ice on a river island close to the city of Khabarovsk in Siberia, Russia.


All but one of the 54 hands were sealed in a bag with police believing they belong to 27 different pairs.

The one lone had not in the bag was found lying separately on a snow-covered island in the Amur River.

The discovery was made close to the Chinese border and police are now trying to figure out exactly where they came from, The Siberian Times reports.

Thankfully the police believe that the hands weren’t cut from living people and instead they were severed from dead bodies in a hospital which is still horrible and gruesome.

It is feared that grave-robbers planned on stealing the corpses for body parts and so the hands were cut off so the bodies couldn’t be identified afterwards.

Another theory is the hands could have been cut off as a punishment for theft.

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Whatever the reason, it is still pretty grisly and I am sure the local who found the bag will never forget that day.

So far fingerprints have been found on one hand but the others are currently being checked.

It is thought that medical bandages and hospital-style plastic coverings for shoes were found next to the bag of hands.

Locals have not reported any recent suspicious behaviour in the area.


Something similarly sinister is also happening on a beach in Canada where in December 2017 the 13th severed human foot washed up over the last 10 years.

The last foot was previously discovered there just two weeks prior on Vancouver Island and has left authorities baffled as to where these limbs are coming from.

Mike Johns was the unlucky man who found the grisly limb tangled in seaweed, while out walking his six-year-old Rottweiler, Taz.

Mike Johns

After making the horrifying discovery Mike called the police who have since taken the leg in an attempt to identify it.

Using DNA identification police identified that the foot belonged to a 79-year-old Kitsap County man called Stanley Okumoto who’s been missing since September.

In November Okumoto’s partial remains were found along a beach near Neah Bay, about a mile from where his car was found by authorities a day after he disappeared.

Kitsap County Sheriff's Office

Mark Nichols the Clallam County Coroner-Prosecuting Attorney said that foul play was not suspected but added that the cause and manner of Mr Okumoto’s death could not be determined.

Under optimal conditions, a human body or body part could theoretically remain in the ocean for as many as three decades, meaning that the hands and feet may have been floating around for years.