57% Of Americans Disapprove Of Biden’s Stance On Gun Violence

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57% Of Americans Disapprove Of Biden's Stance On Gun ViolencePA Images

More than 50% of Americans don’t agree with the way President Joe Biden is handling gun violence in the country.

While 62% of Democrat supporters agree with Biden’s stance, an overwhelming 86% of Republicans think the president should focus on protecting the right to own a gun as opposed to reducing gun violence.


A new poll conducted by IPSOS, a global research company, surveyed 571 adult Americans on a range of social policy issues.

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Almost every single issue had an extremely split result, a reflection of the deep partisan divide showcased by the close call in the US Presidential election.

As per the results, 57% of Americans believe reducing gun violence should be a higher priority than protecting the right to own a wide variety of guns.


There have been 115 mass shootings in the US since the start of 2021, as per the Gun Violence Archive. The organisation defines a mass shooting as ‘four or more people shot and/or killed in a single incident, at the same general time/location not including the shooter’.


Of those surveyed, two-thirds believe the US needs new laws to reduce gun violence. However, only one in three Republicans (36%) are part of the group who believe new laws should be enacted urgently.

Instead, 64% think protecting the right to own a wide variety of guns should be a higher priority. In contrast, more than 9 out of 10 Democrats want to implement new laws to reduce gun violence.


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This month, eight people were killed in Atlanta after a suspected 21-year-old shooter opened fire at three spas and massage parlours. Six Asian women were among those dead, however, authorities declined to confirm that the attack was racially-motivated.

Less than a week later, a shooter killed 10 people at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado.

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The debate around gun violence and ownership rights in the US is ongoing. Speaking from the White House last week, Biden pledged to use all the resources at his disposal to keep people safe.


The president urged Congress to tighten gun laws, calling for a ban on assault-type weapons.

‘I got that done when I was a senator. It passed. It was a law for the longest time, and it brought down these mass killings. We should do it again,’ he said, as per NBC News.

‘We can close loopholes in our background check system, close the Charleston loophole. That’s one of the best tools we have right now to prevent gun violence,’ he added.

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