60-Year-Old Captain Leaps 40ft Into The Sea To Save Drowning Woman

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Mar 2020 09:29
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An heroic, 60-year-old captain has leapt a staggering 40 feet from his ship to rescue a drowning passenger who had fallen overboard.

Captain of the ship, U Myint Aye, had been steering his boat into Dala port on Burma’s Yangon River on February 18, when 34-year-old Khin Chan Mya, tumbled into the water below.


Wasting no time, brave U Myint Aye expertly steered the ship away from the port’s edge so as to avoid crushing the drowning woman. He then threw himself, fully clothed, from the top of the ship – flying through the air and straight into the sea as he hurried to his passenger’s aid.

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Thankfully, U Myint Aye, alongside two other crew members, was able to help drag the struggling woman to safety, with a crowd of locals helping to pull them onto to dry land.

Following her dramatic rescue, Khin Chan Mya – who was described as being ‘shocked but conscious’ – was rushed to hospital.


An unnamed passenger has explained how Khin Chan Mya had taken a wrong step as the ship approached the port, leading to her plummeting into the sea:

I saw that she was falling onto the water when the boat reached the pier.

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Shortly after his life-saving rescue, the heroic captain was photographed holding a well-earned pint of beer alongside his two thoroughly soaked deck-hands. The courageous trio were still wearing the very same clothes they had jumped into the water in.


Each man has since received a recognition plaque to honour their remarkable rescue, with town officials praising their quick action.

U Myint Aye explained how he hadn’t thought twice about risking his own life to save another, saying:

At that time I did not think about any risks to my own life. I jumped just because I wanted the woman to be safe. I am old now, it is fine if I die, the young woman should be alive.

He added:


I am very proud of myself that I have saved so many lives during my working life.

U Myint Aye has worked on ferries for over 40 years, and has plans to retire this year. He has reportedly now lost count of the number of drowning people he has saved.

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Well done to the selfless, fearless Captain U Myint Aye. Here’s to a well-deserved and restful retirement.


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