63-Year-Old Sniper Has Killed 321 ISIS Fighters

Iraqi PMU Sniper kills 321 ISIS fightersYouTube

In the two years since he joined the military Abu Tahseen a 63-year-old sniper has killed over 300 ISIS fighters as he battles to free his homeland from jihadi forces. 

Mr Tahseen is a veteran of five wars and has volunteered with Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Units, where he’s put his deadly skills to use killing  321 ISIS fighters since 2015, The Mirror reports.

Video’s now emerged of the elderly soldier taking out enemy snipers hiding in the Makhoul Mountains in the north of Iraq.

In the video which was filmed last year Mr Tasheen explains his thought process as he works.

He says:

You see this area? I guarantee to God no one would come up it. I’m relaxed. My mind is relaxed.

When I get my rotation I just want to get back here. Last time they gave me a month off and after 12 days I came back.

Iraqi PMU Sniper kills 321 ISIS fightersYouTube

According to Mr Tasheen his rifle is capable of blowing a man a metre back when they’re struck by the bullet.

He also claims that he’s so accurate that ISIS fighters have become afraid to walk through the mountains in case he should spot them and take them out.

Mr Tasheen is just one of many volunteer fighters many of whom fought ISIS in Syria but returned to defend Iraq when the group gained a foothold in Iraq.