Seven Truly Disgusting Things People Found In Their Food In 2015

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Wanting to go on a diet for a while, but all the food looks too damn good to refuse? Well let us help you out…


More than ever, people seem to be making grisly and unexpected discoveries in their food, from insects, sea creatures and even small mammals. I know, ick.

So we’ve compiled a list of the most fucked up things people have found in the past 12 months. Oh and this goes without saying… it might put you off eating for a while.


Stockport Express

I don’t think anyone could blame this 12-year-old girl from Stockport, Greater Manchester, for checking all her food for the rest of her life after discovering “maggots” in her rice. Vom.

Back in January, Maisy Dean was about to tuck into her bag of boiled rice when she noticed eight lumps with lines running through them and what looked like brown heads.

Manchester Evening News

What makes this even more grim, is that the family had already eaten three bags of rice from the same box- which they bought from a Morrison’s store in Reddish, Stockport.

She might have to get her carbs elsewhere from now on…



When you open a can of tuna, you don’t really expect to have other creatures chilling amongst the flaked fish, but one woman from Nottingham- who opened a can of Princes tuna – claims she saw a little creature staring back at her. Big bowl of nope.


The little guy does look kind of cute, but I wouldn’t want in a sandwich slathered in mayo- that’s for sure. Zoe Butler, 28, tweeted the disturbing images and they went viral. Everyone was speculating what the mysterious creature could be- with some even thinking it was an alien.


“Eric” was finally identified as a small immature crab known as megalopa.



Enough to put you off McDonald’s for life? Probably…

Dave Buckley, 42, and his 10-year-old daughter Cordellia stopped at a Drive-Thru on Halloween to get some food. But as the young girl bit into her meal she discovered something tough and chewy.


Pulling it out of her mouth Cordellia quickly realised it was a dead frog. First thoughts, maybe it’s a scary prank? It is Halloween after all… Oh no, it really wasn’t. Her Big Flavour sweet chilli chicken wrap had this extra special ingredient. 

To make it even worse, apparently when her dad spoke to the McDonald’s customer services and told him to send the frog in a sample bag they didn’t even apologise. Bastards!


Wales New Service

A mum got a nasty surprise when she bought two sandwiches from Greggs, to have lunch with her son, but found them covered in flies. Grim.

Sue Powell-Reed normally makes her own sandwiches, but decided to splash out and treat her son to lunch. She grabbed two baguettes from the Greggs in Swansea bus station but was horrified to find that the sandwiches were covered in a gross swarm of tiny flies. Probably should have got a steak bake.


Ms Powell-Reed reported the insect incident to Greggs, but claims that the company didn’t bother getting in touch until she put a video up on social media. Standard.


Manchester Evening News

Mother-of-two Sarah Shields, 27, delved into her freezer in search of some healthy greens to accompany the minted lamb shanks she was preparing.

However, she was horrified when she opened a £1 bag of frozen cabbage from Farm Foods for her daughters’ dinner and found a dead “black and furry” mouse inside.


After chucking it into a pan of boiling water the block started to melt- revealing the mouse which was missing its tail. Sarah says she will never buy frozen vegetables again – and her daughters Kaitlyn, eight, and Courtney, five, have been put off veg for life. I don’t blame them to be honest.


If you’re about to tuck into a delicious McDonald’s, you might want to look away now. In fact, if you’re about to eat anything… run while you still can.

Joyce Fedd had one almighty shock when she bit into her McDonald’s McChicken sandwich after finding not one but two worms.

Fedd claims that she saw one worm in the popular snack and then on closer inspection, found a second after hitting up the McDonald’s drive-through in Jacksonville, Florida. Obviously McDonald’s were horrified and offered a full refund.

Rat’s Head


An unidentified man in Mexico was eating at a local McDonald’s and bit into a burger-only to spit out a mangled rat’s head. Disgusting doesn’t even do this justice.

It’s no surprise that the gruesome pictures quickly went viral and was picked up by news outlets from the world over. The restaurant – located in Tlalnepantla de Baz in the northern outskirts of Mexico City – was quickly shut down by authorities and was being cleared of vermin.


McDonald’s authorities, however, insist that the images are the product of an extortionist. I don’t know about you, but it looks pretty convincing to me…

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